What's Included in the S2/S2 Pro Box?

What's Included in the S2/S2 Pro Box? - United Monitors of America
Q: What will I receive when I order the S2 Pro?
A: In your S2 Pro package, you will get:
  • 1x S2 or S2 Pro device.
  • 1x Type-C to Type-C / USB-A cable.
  • 1x Type-C to USB-A cable.
  • 1x Type-C Power Adapter.
  • USB Disk (with the required Display Driver).
  • 1x User Manual.
Q: What is the S2/S2 Pro?
A: The S2/S2 Pro is an innovative portable dual-screen solution, offering high-resolution Full HD displays that are foldable into a convenient setup. It's slim, light, and features a unique book mode with touchscreen capability, making it perfect for multitasking, interactive usage, and dynamic presentations.

Q: Which devices are compatible with the S2/S2 Pro?
A: The S2/S2 Pro is universally compatible, working seamlessly with macOS, Windows, Linux & Android devices.

Q: How do I use the USB-C cables?
A: The Type-C to Type-C/USB-A cable is used to connect the S2/S2 Pro to your device for both power and video transmission. If your device doesn't support Type-C, you can use the Type-C to USB-A cable.

Q: Does the S2/S2 Pro have any special features for adjusting viewing angles?
A: The S2/S2 Pro features an innovative 180° flipping ability, allowing dynamic face-to-face interactions and versatile screen positioning.

Q: I don't see a user manual in the box. How do I set up my S2/S2 Pro?
A: The user manual is included in the package. It provides comprehensive guidance with step-by-step instructions on setting up and using the S2/S2 Pro. For the most updated information, you can also visit our website.

Q: What if I encounter problems or need assistance with my S2/S2 Pro?
A: For further assistance, please refer to our online Getting Started Guide or contact our dedicated customer support team.

To purchase the S2/S2 Pro or find more information, visit our website
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