What are the technical specifications of the S2 / S2 Pro Triple Screen?

What are the technical specifications of the S2 / S2 Pro Triple Screen? - United Monitors of America

Q: What are the screen specifications of the S2 Pro?
A: The S2 Pro features two 15.6-inch matte screens, each offering Full HD 1080P resolution at 1920x1080.

Q: How bright are the screens on the S2/S2 Pro?
A: Each screen has a brightness of 320cd/m2, they are designed to deliver clear and vibrant visuals.

Q: What is the contrast ratio for the S2/S2 Pro screens?
A: The S2/S2PRO screens have a contrast ratio of 1200:2, they are designed to provide sharp and distinct imagery.

Q: What's the refresh rate of the S2/S2 Pro ?
A: The screens on the S2/S2 Pro refresh at a rate of 60hz, ensuring smooth visuals for a variety of tasks.

Q: Does the S2/S2 Pro come with any anti-glare technology ?
A: The S2/S2 Pro features matte screens, which inherently reduce glare and reflections, enhancing your viewing experience.

Q: How does the S2/S2 Pro connect to my device?
A: The S2/S2 Pro connects seamlessly using a single USB-C connection. It also includes a Type-C to Type-C/USB-A cable, and a Type-C to USB-A cable for versatile connectivity options.

Q: What are the materials and finish of the S2/S2 Pro?
A: The S2/S2 Pro is made entirely of aluminum and comes in a painted aluminum finish. There are five color options available: Twitch Purple, Creamy Peach, Obsidian, Lemon, and Mint.

Q: Can I carry the S2/S2 Pro conveniently while traveling?
A: Absolutely! The S2/S2 Pro is crafted to be slim and light, ensuring it fits effortlessly into bags and is an excellent companion for those on the move.

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