What is input lag on a monitor?

What is input lag on a monitor? - United Monitors of America

Q: What is input lag on a monitor?
A: Input lag is the delay between a user's action (like clicking a mouse) and its result appearing on the monitor. Measured in milliseconds, it's a crucial factor in the monitor's responsiveness.

Q: Why is input lag significant for monitor performance?
A: It's vital for the responsiveness of the display. Lower input lag means quicker response times, essential for smooth, accurate gameplay or computer use.

Q: What's an ideal input lag for monitors?
A: For gaming, input lag should be 5ms or lower. For general or graphic design use, up to 10ms is acceptable.

Q: Can monitors have too low input lag?
A: Extremely low input lag may not significantly improve performance and could lead to higher costs. Some monitors might also compromise on color accuracy or contrast ratio.

Q: Can input lag be adjusted on a monitor?
A: No, input lag is a fixed hardware characteristic and can't be altered through settings.

Q: Besides input lag, what else is important in a monitor?
A: Consider resolution, refresh rate, and response time to match the monitor with your intended use.


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